Trailers standard equipped with many options



RTR trailers are all well equipped with a lot of options. All our trailers have 3 axles (possibly with steering- or lift axle), bindrails in roof/floor and in the side walls. All our ferry trailers are equipped with ferry rings and several reinforcements.

Fleet specifications:

  • Europe traffic
  • Huckepack rail
  • Ferry trailer
  • Bi-temperature
  • Pharma trailer
  • Meat trailer
  • Retail distribution
  • Side door trailer

Acquisition of new trailers takes place exclusively via manufacturers that embrace sustainable production and respect the environment. All trailers are equipped with solar panels to extend the battery life of the various installations. RTR has also been installing taillift chargers for charging taillift batteries standard since 2016. RTR monitors developments closely. Where possible, we respond immediately to service clients as well as possible.


Clients that hire from RTR are assured of well-maintained, modern trailers. RTR has its own well-equipped workshop where we can carry out minor maintenance, services and checks. Trailers returned after hire are also examined in detail. We carry out maintenance immediately, if needed. If a client should nevertheless experience a fault, we resolve it quickly and professionally. If the trailer is in the area, it can be returned to our workshop.

We also have a large network of workshops nationally and overseas, that we can deploy promptly to repair the trailer close to the client.  We have consciously chosen not to carry out MOTs ourselves. That way, we have additional and independent periodic checks as to whether the trailers are still in good condition. The reefer units are checked and mantained twice a year by the installation supplier. That way, all trailers are always in perfet condition.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.