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RTR is a stable and reliable party and we are contactable 24/7. Nowadays most of our trailers have an integrated Track & Trace system that enables clients to monitor their cargo as well as the temperature of the goods and the location of the trailer 24/7.


full service

RTR knows its clients, their business activities and requirements, and knows exactly what they need. RTR is the flexible skin of companies with conditioned transport and rents out various types of refrigerated trailers for different applications.



Clients that hire from RTR are assured of well-maintained, modern trailers. RTR has a own well-equipped workshop where we carry out minor maintenance, services and checks.

Short and long-term hire

Short term hire is from one day to 12 months. A year or longer is regarded as long term. In such cases, advertising can be placed on the trailer so it reflects the style of your company or your client.

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Trailers for any application

Conditioned transport in Europe will only grow in the future. Because of the offering of fresh produces such as foodstuffs, flower and plants. There is also a growing number of products that need to be transported under specific conditions because of legislation or client preference. Medicines, paint materials, orchestra instruments and other instruments. Are good examples of these. Our trailers are suitable for any product and all forms of transport. Including unaccompied transport!

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Service & maintenance

RTR has its own well-equipped workshop where they can carry-out minor maintenance, services and checks. They also have a large network of workshops nationally and overseas, that we can depoy promptly to repair the trailer close to the client. The communication lines are short at RTR and they act promptly.

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A word from our business associates


Schmitz Cargobull:

"customised quality"

Our relationship with trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull dates back to RTR’s early years. Managing Director Sander Jaspers:

“We have meanwhile built up an enjoyable and intensive partnership. Schmitz produces superior quality trailers with low total cost of ownership, as well as a favourable salvage value. We customise according to client specifications. That complements the methodology of RTR, which is familiar with the needs of its clients and communicates these to us. If desired, trailers can be equipped with our own Track & Trace system. We support each other in the market and if I require a refrigerated trailer temporarily for one of my clients, I hire it from RTR.”

Thermo King:

"24/7 temperature control"

The refeer units in the trailers are supplied by Thermo King Transportkoeling. Sales Manager Peter Wilms:

“We supply around 80 new units to RTR every year. The trailer manufacturer subsequently builds these in collaboration with us. We naturally have frequent direct contact with RTR. We have a very enjoyable partnership. By offering excellent service, we contribute to RTR’s quality and flexibility. Our units are equipped with telematics as standard since 2017. Transportation and temperature are closely monitored via this Track & Trace system. Should something unforeseen go wrong with refrigeration, RTR offers the option of transparency across the whole cold chain for both the shipper and recipient of the cargo.”